Bigger, Harder, Longer!

Nationals 2017

GoodLife Fitness City Chase is pleased to announce that Nationals 2017 will be taking place in Toronto, Ontario this year! Nationals are like the regional events, but the challenges are bigger, the competition is harder, and the race is way longer!

Here are the quick facts:

  • This year's event is a 36+ hour Chase (two day event … starting early … good morning!). By design we start at 6am and end at midnight the next day but of course that can be modified at our discretion.
  • There will be approximately 30 teams in the event.
  • The ChasePoints are more difficult/longer/intense/crazy.
  • The event is "linear" by design; all teams will be doing the ChasePoints in the same order.
  • Teams will be eliminated throughout the day! Hey we said it was more intense … get with the program.


Ontario's capital city will host the GoodLife Fitness City Chase Nationals for 2017! As an organization, we are moving the National finals to bigger cities; it is easier for travel and gives us the opportunity to do more interesting events. What history has shown is that no matter what city is chosen in the country, large or small; several competitors have spent time living there. History has also shown that the teams that have lived in the city have never won … game on 6ix residents.


The event is scheduled for September 15-16th, in Toronto, Ontario.

Friday, September 15th
5:15am Rise and Grind. Athlete check in (cut off 5:30)
6:00am Event overview including rules and regulation, question and answer period
(both team members must attend)
8:00am The Chase is ON!


Saturday, September 16th
Midnight Course closure for all teams

The Details

  • The GoodLife Fitness City Chase Nationals will start at 6:00 a.m. The finish line will be at/near the final social destination of the evening … so as teams cross the line they will head immediately into the after party.
  • In the past, we have done team eliminations. There are several ways this can take place but the most common is that some ChasePoints will be designated elimination points. There are also other ways to be eliminated listed in the challenges below. You may or may not see this happen.
  • For the majority of the event, the course will be linear by design (you will not have a choice to what challenges you will do). The challenges will be longer (often as long as an hour) and will push much harder on the physical and mental limits of your team.
  • The event will leverage the same rules as regular GoodLife Fitness City Chase events regarding transportation. Teams will be given transit passes and can choose to run or take transit between locations.
  • Teams will be required to arrive at the meeting spot for 6:00am on Friday morning in Toronto. The pre-event briefing will begin at 6:00am to go over the rules (approximately two hours) and the event will start shortly after.

National Challenges

(some or all may be used during the event)

  • Fork in the road: You and your teammate are split. You will be provided a fork in the road where you will need to decide which teammate goes to which challenge. You will split up and when you've both completed them, go to the rendezvous point. Only when both team mates have arrived can you move on!
  • Sudden Death: Rather than simply eliminate the last two teams at a designated ChasePoint, there will be one or more "Sudden Death" challenges. In these challenges the last four teams will all be required to complete an additional challenge. Of the four teams, the two that have the worst result will be eliminated.
  • The Brain Drain: There may be a non-physical challenge. Teams will be given a certain amount of time to complete a specific activity. This is an elimination event, and when all teams have completed this challenge the team with the lowest score in the event will be eliminated regardless of position (could be first …).
  • Two Teams Enter: There will be challenges that are shorter in length but for which two teams compete head to head. The losing team is stuck at that challenge until they beat someone … no matter how long that takes. Note that the first team to arrive will need to wait for the second team (so don't bother building up too much of a
    lead …).
  • The Phoenix: Just the like phoenix, one team will raise from the ashes. All teams eliminated before a specific cut off in the day will do a head to head competition in which the winning team will be put back into the race. Don't get too excited though … you'll start five minutes behind the last place team. The question is … can you work your way back into the game?!
  • Event Challenge: A challenge will be set with a specific prize for the best performance in that event. Note that eliminated teams will also be able to compete in this event.