2013 Canadian Championships

Experience the Unexpected....

We want to thank our friends at FESTI for letting us use their training facility for the first challenge in the 2013 Canadian Championships.  The staff did an amazing job putting the Champs through the gruelling training challenges.

The Fire & Emergency Services Training Institute (FESTI) is the pre-eminent training facility for professionals worldwide.

FESTI provides a one stop portal for provincial, national and international emergency response training for new or current firefighters


Place Team Participant #1 Participant #2 Time
1. Halifax James Dean David Crane 39:08
2. Edmonton Kim Mather Daria Klipper 39:33
3.  Toronto #2 Elie Silver Patrick Dabiet 39:43
4.  Vancouver Jonathan Braun Tessa Seager 39:44
5. Toronto #1 Michael Miller Brian Greenwood 39:58
5.  Ottawa Shawn Roussy Michael Hayward 39:58
7. Montreal Brigitte Nehma Alain Lacasse 40:59
8. Calgary Adam Schultz Kim Collier DNF

Have you heard what the winning team gets?!

The winners of the 2013 Canadian Championships in London will recieve a 10-day adventure to Peru featuring the Amazon Jungle and Machu Picchu!  The Grand Prize is provided by the leading global adventure travel specialists - Intrepid Travel.

For more information, click here or see description below:

Travel to South America and tour Peru on an eye-opening sojourn from the depths of the Amazon to the heights of the Andes. Visit Lima, explore ancient Cuzco, see the lush Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo, and marvel at the wonder of Machu Picchu. Offering an up-close look at Peru's diverse attractions, this is an unforgettable trip at a relaxing pace. Discover ancient cultures, natural wonders, welcoming locals and vibrant modern life as you journey through the homeland of the Incas.