What the heck is City Chase?

Simply put, The GoodLife Fitness City Chase is ‘Canada’s Largest Urban Adventure’.

The Chase will test both your fitness and your mind. Here’s how it works. When The GoodLife Fitness City Chase starts your team of two will get a clue sheet. Decipher it to find hidden ChasePoints located throughout your city. Next, navigate your way through ten of those ChasePoints and get back to the Start/Finish line to claim victory and find your way to the after party!

What the heck is a ChasePoint?!:
A ChasePoint is a unique challenge that will test your wits, athletic ability, team work, good looks, speed, intelligence, or personal limits! Click to watch a video that will show you some of the challenges.

What if I can’t run so good?!:
To navigate The Chase, you can either use your feet or take public transit. All different fitness levels participate in this unique adventure!

What if I can’t think so good?!:
During The Chase you are encouraged to use technology including phoning a friend if necessary. If you don’t have friends … well then here’s hoping you’re smart!

Do I need to like my teammate?:
There is a 50/50 chance you won’t like them by the end of this race … so choose someone you REALLY like to ensure you still talk to them after the event! Get ready to have your friendship tested!

For those harder core competitors there are also extra challenges to check out and of course winning entrance into the National Finals. The GoodLife Fitness City Chase is unique, challenging, and a mountain of fun.

Think Hard, Play Hard, Laugh Hard! See you at your local event in 2017!